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Shop the Francisca Dress by Salvana – Loose Fit Dresses in Various Colors & Prints

Discover the Francisca Dress by Salvana – an effortlessly chic loose fit dress available in vibrant colors and enchanting prints. Made from premium Airflow fabric with matching belt for added versatility. Elevate your style with Salvana’s local craftsmanship

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The Francisca Dress by Salvana embodies the essence of effortless chic with its loose-fitting silhouette and a variety of stunning colors and prints to suit your every mood. Crafted from premium Airflow fabric for breathability and comfort, this dress drapes beautifully and features a matching belt for added versatility. Salvana’s commitment to local craftsmanship ensures exceptional quality in every stitch.

Available in a captivating range of colors and prints:

  • Black: A timeless and versatile choice for any occasion, the little black dress gets a refreshingly loose fit with the Francisca Dress.
  • Khaki: Embrace a touch of earthy sophistication with a neutral khaki hue, perfect for a relaxed yet polished look.
  • Light Blue Leaf Print: Channel the refreshing spirit of summer with a light blue leaf print that adds a touch of whimsy and nature-inspired flair.
  • Purple: Exude elegance and mystery in a luxurious shade of purple, ideal for a touch of drama and a memorable entrance.
  • Yellow: Radiate sunshine and joy in a vibrant yellow hue, perfect for adding a pop of color to your day.

Black, Khaki, Light Blue Leaf, Purple, Yellow




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