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Hello and welcome to Salvana! I’m Daniella Els, the founder and creative force behind this empowering venture located in Somerset West. At Salvana, our focus is on crafting a collection that seamlessly melds versatility, comfort, and style for the modern, busy woman.

Our clothing is designed to go beyond mere fashion – it’s about providing practical and stylish solutions that make life easier for women on the move. We understand the demands of a dynamic lifestyle, and our goal is to offer a range that effortlessly transforms your wardrobe, giving you a multitude of ways to express yourself.

The Salvana mission revolves around accessible style. We aim to be a one-stop haven for women seeking elegant solutions to their wardrobe dilemmas. Our commitment extends from the online space to our showroom in Somerset West, ensuring you can experience our styling solutions firsthand.

Quality is paramount at Salvana. We meticulously source fabrics of the highest caliber and collaborate with skilled artisans to deliver excellence in every piece. Our goal is to provide more than just clothing – we want to wrap you in confidence that accompanies you through every facet of your day.

So, whether you’re exploring our collection online or visiting our showroom in Somerset West, Salvana is here to celebrate the modern woman, offering clothing that empowers you to step into your day with quiet confidence, embracing the best version of yourself in every situation.

Thank you for choosing Salvana as your stylish companion.

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